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Water and snacks will be provided, but campers MUST bring lunch. Pack snacks if your child is picky, has food allergies, or has a large appetite. We will not stop to buy food, so please don’t send your child with lunch money. 


Equipment List

In a backpack or duffel bag, include the following:

  • a properly fitting helmet

  • a change of clothes

  • skate shoes (optional, though suggested)

  • knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads

  • sunscreen and hand sanitizer

  • water, snacks, and lunch


Campers who don’t bring and wear required helmet and pads will not skate. Most parks require that ALL skaters wear protective headgear and pads. Parental permission for a skater to participate without pads is not an option. If a child is needlessly hurt, the entire day for ALL campers is compromised. This is an intense camp. Campers will get tired. We will do everything to ensure their safety and well-being. 


To enroll your skater in TDS, a parent or legal guardian must submit request for desired session. Upon acceptance, registration forms and payment must be made within 24 hours. Forms will be provided after a camper is accepted. Weekly groups are small, which means enrollment is limited. Early registration is encouraged and a slot is not guaranteed until payment is received. 

Please provide e-mail address and cell phone number that are used on a daily basis. Those skaters accepted will receive an e-mail and text message notification of any program changes. This message will include all information your skater needs for camp. 

TDS maintains a waiting list for skaters who apply after all slots have been filled. Skaters on waiting list may be accepted into camp on short notice. Those alternative skaters accepted will be contacted via phone and/or email. There will be a 12-hour window to accept/decline the opening before we contact the next camper on the list. Payment is due prior the first day of camp.


Because we have to guarantee a number of skaters in order to prepare for camp, our official policy is that all registrations are final and payments are non-refundable. We are unable to offer credits or refunds for missed days. Groups are small and prices are based on weekly enrollment. No refunds will be made after a camper attends the first day of a session. That being said, if there is an emergency (unexpected relocation, prolonged illness, etc.), TDS is willing to consider partial tuition reimbursement on a case by case basis. Supporting documentation will be required. Of course, the further in advance you let us know of any changes, the more likely it will be for us to fill that space and issue a refund.


We emphasize that your child understands our goal, the physical intensity involved, and to make sure they would like to enroll before submitting the registration. 

We do not administer medication to skaters unless a parent or guardian provides training, medical documentation, and a release of responsibility.


We cannot and do not guarantee the ability to keep campers with allergies 100% free of contact with allergens.


We keep detailed information on all skaters.


We don’t “discipline”. Discipline implies punishment and we certainly don’t punish. In the case of physical or emotional harm from one child to another, we take it very seriously and if it persists after intervention, we may contact the parent for camper's removal, either for the day, or permanently, though this is extremely rare. Skaters who are expelled from camp are not eligible for a refund.

For inquiries or session requests, please email

or call 213.394.6026


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